Van Runs

Thursday Worship Van Run

W. Wilson 7:30 PM
N. Case 7:32 PM
W. Akers 7:37 PM
S. Hubbard 7:38 PM
W. Holmes 7:40 PM
W. McDonel 7:41 PM
W. Shaw 7:44 PM
Sny-Phi Bus Stop 7:47 PM
Yakeley Bus Stop 7:50 PM
Brody Square Bus Stop 7:52 PM

Sunday Van Run

Location UUMC Worship Evening Program
W. Wilson No pick up 5:00 PM
N. Case For Sunday morning 5:02 PM
W. Akers 5:07 PM
S. Hubbard 5:08 PM
W. Holmes 5:10 PM
W. McDonel 5:11 PM
W. Shaw 5:14 PM
Sny-Phi Bus Stop 5:17 PM
Yakeley Bus Stop 5:20 PM
Brody Square Bus Stop 5:22 PM

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